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Mellish - Download Note:  If you are unsure how to listen or download there are instructions at the bottom of this page. On April 22, 2022 Mellish  (the masons)  played Industry in Huntington Village. Once again a fantastic crowd, great vibe, and all around a fun evening. enjoy . On February 26, 2022 Mellish (the masons) played Industry in Huntington Village. A beautiful room with art lined walls and delicious cocktails.  It was the boys first post-pandemic show and lots of fun was had by all. enjoy An early practice session probably from 98'. A nice snapshot of a fun and musically active period. Decent quality  for late 90's Maxell. enjoy Some new material - some created during the height of the pandemic, some right after. enjoy Memorial Day 1999 - Mellish was invited to play the Smiths point State Park Memorial Day Concert. Line up - John Carey - Bass Guitar;  Marc Hoffman - Drums, Guitar; Tim McAuley - Drums, Guitar,  Backing Vocals; Frank Pipolo - Vocals, Harmonica. enjoy